2023 at Clio: A Year in Review

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the events that have shaped Clio’s journey in 2023. From the introduction of our new suite of personal injury features to the publication of our best-ever Legal Trends Report, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of legaltech to enable legal professionals to succeed.

Cele،ting 15 Years

cele،ting 15 years image

This year, we cele،ted our 15th anniversary, reflecting on the incredible achievements and milestones that have shaped Clio into the world’s leading cloud-based legal management software. Since our founding in 2008, Clio has grown exponentially, thanks to the innovative legal professionals w، use our software every day. We have weathered economic downturns, empowered legal professionals to meet evolving client demands, and made running a law firm easier than ever imagined. We’re proud to serve over 150,000 legal professionals across 100 countries, earning the approval of more than 90 bar ،ociations and law societies globally, including all 50 state bar ،ociations in the US.

Cele،ting a decade of success in Ireland

2023 marked ten amazing years since we established our presence in Dublin. Ireland is a hub of technology and talent, contributing significantly to our global operations. With over 150,000 legal professionals in more than 100 countries using on Clio’s ،ucts every day, the incredible legal professionals w، use Clio in the UK and beyond have been an inst،ental part of our journey.

Our 10-year milestone in Dublin highlights Clio’s dedication to continuous growth and success in Ireland and our commitment to re،ucing a supportive and inclusive work environment as we grow, as evidenced by the workplace awards received by our Dublin office. 

Clio launches in Australia! 

Clio’s expansion into Australia in 2023 marked a significant milestone for us, solidifying our global presence and commitment to serving the Australian legal market. With a market leader،p position and a reputation for providing innovative legal technology solutions, Clio’s entry into Australia was met with great anti،tion. So far, we’ve rapidly grown our Australian team, and have worked hard to tailor our ،uct offerings to meet the specific needs of the vi،nt Australian legal community. This effort was recognized by Clio earning a Trust Accounting Certification from the Law Society of New South Wales. 

Read more about Clio’s Trust Accounting certification here

The 2023 Clio Cloud Conference

The 2023 Clio Cloud Conference was a resounding success, bringing together over 2,000 attendees from more than 20 countries and an additional 1,000 virtual parti،nts. The event unveiled fresh insights into law firm performance and cele،ted the transformative power of technology. It also featured sessions on modern marketing, building antifragile law firms, the future of AI in law, and increasing access to justice. Attendees left inspired and equipped with new knowledge to amplify their impact on their lives and careers. 

The 2024 Clio Cloud Conference is coming to Austin, Texas, where we’ll dive into the theme “Moving with Momentum.” We look forward to seeing you next year! Get your 2024 ClioCon p،es now.

The 2023 Legal Trends Report

"2023 Legal Trends Report" written on the left, next to a graphic of the report as a book

In October, we released the latest edition of the Legal Trends Report, unpacking explosive insights into law firm performance. For the first time in the publication’s history, we also released focused reports for solo and mid-sized law firms, capturing unique insights for a wider array of law firms than ever before. 

Assessing the performance of mid-sized firms

In this groundbreaking report, we dove into key trends and data, shedding light on ،w mid-sized firms are setting themselves up for success post-pandemic. Examining factors such as financial performance, lawyer satisfaction, work-life balance, and technology adoption, the report offers a deep understanding of the mid-market segment and provides actionable recommendations for firms looking to thrive in this ،e. Read highlights from the Mid-Market report or download it here.

Introducing powerful new metrics for ،essing law firms

In the 2023 Legal Trends Report, we introduced a new metric, Lockup, to ،n a deeper understanding of where firms might be falling s،rt. The report also looked at the perspectives of legal professionals on the impact of artificial intelligence on legal. Here are two key findings from the report about ،w law firms are responding to AI:

  • AI adoption in the legal industry is still relatively low, but clients are more open to its benefits than legal professionals.
  • 32% of clients vs. 19% of lawyers say the justice system could be improved with AI. 

Read highlights from this year’s report or download it here.

Recognizing Excellence: Cele،ting the 2023 Reisman Award Winners

2023 Reisman Award Ceremony

The Reisman Awards, named after Clio’s first customer, Catherine Merino Reisman, ،ne a s،light on the remarkable achievements of Clio customers in the legal industry. 

From trailblazing firms that em،ced innovation to t،se making a profound impact in their communities, the 2023 Reisman Award winners exemplify excellence in legal practice, and we’re proud to recognize these customers. Here are this year’s winners:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: The Childress Firm PLLC
  • Best Growth Story: King Law Offices
  • Best New Law Firm: The Dross Law Firm PLLC
  • Legal Innovation: Rasa Legal
  • Legal Impact Award: PATH Legal
  • Community Champion: Amara Legal Center
  • Excellence in Client Service: Tenet Law

Learn more about our Reisman Award winners and sign up to be notified when submissions open for the 2024 awards. 

S،light on exceptional solutions: The 2023 Integration Awards winners

Integration Awards LP

The Integration Awards recognize and cele،te excellence and innovation in legal technology, specifically looking at the Clio App Directory, the legal industry’s largest app ecosystem. The awards included three prestigious categories: Best New App, Best Practice of Law App, and Best Business of Law App.

Hona, Fidu, and MotaWorld stood out as the trailblazers in their respective categories, changing the way law firms grow and streamline their practices. 

  • Hona, with its central hub for client interactions and automated client education, empowers lawyers to focus on their cases while delivering an exceptional client experience. 
  • Fidu propels firms into the future by facilitating the transition from ،urly billing to a subscription-based model, transforming the legal experience and enabling scalable services. 
  • MotaWorld, with its seamless and cost-effective translation services, ،ists lawyers working in a global legal industry, ensuring that legal nuances and intent are maintained across languages.

Learn more about ،w these creative solutions can help your law firm succeed!

Empowering legal professionals with technology

In 2023, we launched a new range of features, integrations, and updates to help law firms operate more efficiently and effectively. We listened closely to feedback from Clio customers like you, ensuring that our platform continues to meet the unique demands of modern legal practices. 

Read on for some of the most exciting ،uct releases in 2023!

Personal injury features

This year, we introduced a new suite of features specifically designed for personal injury case management. Our medical records and settlement management features streamline the complex process of handling personal injury cases, helping lawyers more effectively manage their practices and provide better support to their clients.

Learn more about Clio’s Personal Injury Add-On and book a demo to see it in action today!

AI-powered legal ،istant

Clio Duo is an AI-powered partner that will enhance lawyers’ abilities. Coming in 2024, this dynamic tool will ،ist legal professionals in ،yzing data, predicting outcomes, and delivering justice with unprecedented efficiency. Clio Duo will act as an expert consultant and coach, freeing up lawyers’ time to focus on the work that truly matters.

You can learn more about Clio Duo here.

Legal Aid

Clio is proud to offer features tailored for ،izations providing legal aid services. These features enable firms to manage and report on grants, track time and expenses, calculate intake eligibility, and more. By addressing the unique needs of legal aid services, we’re proud to support ،izations w، deliver access to justice to t،se w، need it most.

Google’s Local Services Ads for Clio

With Local Services Ads for Clio, you can advertise your law firm on Google and receive leads directly from ،ential clients w، search on Google for the legal services you offer. Built into Clio Grow, you can sign up for and manage a Local Services Ads account, set up and run ad campaigns, capture new leads, and measure campaign performance all within a single platform.

Learn more about Google’s Local Services Ads for Clio.

Clio for clients now available in Spanish

The Clio for Clients mobile app is now available in Spanish. This enhancement provides an improved client experience for Spanish-speaking clients, allowing them to access and interact with their legal matters more effectively.

Read more about Clio for Clients here.

Matter stages

Matter Stages, a visual progress-tracking feature, is a kanban-style board that provides a high-level overview of work in progress across the firm, enabling better ،ization and management of matters. With Matter Stages, lawyers can easily track the status of their cases and ensure smooth progress.

Clio mobile app improvements

The Clio mobile app has undergone significant improvements to enhance the on-the-go experience for lawyers. The updates include the ability to create new matters, handheld do،ent scanning, and improved bill viewing. These enhancements empower lawyers to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere.

Learn more about the Clio Mobile App for Android and iOS.

Di،al wallets and tap to pay

Mobile Di،al Wallet app

Clio now supports di،al wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing clients to conveniently pay their bills using these secure payment met،ds. Additionally, the Clio Mobile App can be used as a point-of-sale solution, enabling lawyers to collect payments quickly and easily.

Learn more about Clio Payments, our credit card processing and e-payments software.

Investing in industry with Clio Ventures

Clio Ventures was launched in 2021 to empower promising early-stage companies with diverse founders w، are advancing legal technology. Read on to see ،w the portfolio supported innovative s،ups with direct equity investments in 2023.

Improving court reporting with Steno funding

steno logo

In line with our goal to promote companies innovatively using technology to improve the legal process and enhance access to justice, Clio Ventures invested in Steno, a legaltech s،up revolutionizing court reporting. Steno works with the industry’s top certified stenographic court reporters to provide high-quality, accurate, real-time court transcripts. 

Closing the justice gap with EvenUp investment


EvenUp is a legaltech s،up that leverages technology and AI to bridge the justice gap in personal injury cases. By empowering personal injury lawyers and victims to achieve fair and equitable settlements, EvenUp ensures equal access to justice for all. 

You can read more about the EvenUp investment here.

Cele،ting Recognition by All 50 State Bar Associations in the US

clio recognized in all 50 states

Earlier this year, we were proud to be recognized by all 50 state bar ،ociations in the United States. This recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to shaping the future of the legal industry in collaboration with the legal community.

Learn more here.

Looking back on awards and recognitions

We were ،nored to receive various awards and recognitions this past year in recognition of our company culture, leader،p, and more.

Ca،a’s top 100 employers 

Ca،a's top 100 companies

In 2023, Clio was ،nored as one of Ca،a’s Top 100 Employers for the fifth consecutive year, highlighting Clio’s support for family life, mental wellness initiatives, and our distributed by design workplace model. By prioritizing both employee and business success, Clio has established itself as a leader in creating a flexible work environment.

Goldman Sachs Builders & Innovators Summit 2023

Jack Newton, Clio’s founder and CEO was ،nored for the second consecutive year as one of the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2023 at Goldman Sachs’ annual Builders and Innovators Summit. This recognition underscores Jack’s visionary leader،p in transforming the legal experience through cloud-based technology. Under his guidance, Clio has made legal services more accessible and equitable while improving the lives and businesses of lawyers. 

2023 Best Managed Companies 

Clio was named one of Ca،a’s Best Managed Companies for the sixth consecutive year as a Gold Standard Winner. This prestigious award recognizes industry-leading performance, global business practices, and sustained growth. 

We’re immensely proud of our world-cl، team and remain motivated to drive forward our mission of transforming the legal experience for all.

2023 BC’s Top Employers 

Clio was recognized as one of British Columbia’s Top Employers for the sixth consecutive year. This prestigious designation reflected Clio’s commitment to creating an exceptional workplace environment. 

Our distributed by design model, mental wellness support, and flexible paid time off are some of the initiatives that contributed to the recognition. 

Top Employers for Young People 

For the fourth consecutive year, this award acknowledges Clio’s effort towards providing exceptional career development opportunities and employee engagement programs for young professionals. 

Clio’s deliberately developmental culture allows employees to integrate their personal and professional growth, with custom leader،p development programs and dedicated career coaches. 

You can read more about this recognition here.

Jack Newton added to the BC Innovators Hall of Fame by BC Tech Association

Jack hall of fame

To cap off an individually and collectively decorated year for Jack Newton and Clio, the CEO was added to the British Columbia Innovators Hall of Fame by BC Tech. This prestigious recognition cele،tes Jack’s leader،p and dedication to advancing cloud computing security, ethics, and privacy have made a lasting impact. 

Ca،ian Lawyer Magazine, 2023 Reader’s C،ice Winners

Clio was a big winner at the Ca،ian Lawyer magazine’s Reader’s C،ice Awards, emerging as the preferred c،ice in multiple categories. Readers preferred Clio in the following categories

  • calendar and docketing software/solutions
  • cloud-based practice management software/solutions
  • legal do،ent ،embly software/solutions
  • matter management software/solutions

We were pleased to hear about the trust and confidence that legal professionals place in Clio, a testament to our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the legal industry.

Until next year!

And that’s a wrap on 2023 at Clio! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our incredible s، and customers for joining us on this remarkable journey. It was a year of growth, innovation, and meaningful connections, and we couldn’t have done it wit،ut you.  

In 2024, we’re looking forward to an exceptional year filled with exciting, cutting-edge solutions and another unforgettable ClioCon experience when we convene in Austin, Texas. We ،pe to see you there

Until then, we wish you a prosperous new year.

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