Aderant CEO Chris Cartrett on the Company’s Cloud-First Strategy and New Cloud Platform Stridyn

As this episode is released, Aderant, a technology company that provides business and practice management software for mid- to large-sized law firms worldwide, is in the midst of its Global Momentum user conference, taking place in Nashville. At the conference, the company made a major news announcement – the launch of Stridyn, a new cloud platform that will form the foundation for all the cloud and AI applications the company offers. 

See my post yes،ay: Advancing Its Cloud-First Strategy, Aderant Launches Stridyn, A Single Cloud Platform To Unify All Its Products; Hear Exclusive Interview with Its CEO.

That launch marks the culmination of a year in which Aderant has continued to push its cloud-first strategy, most notably through its Expert Sierra cloud-based practice management system, and in which it has increasingly focused on the development of artificial intelligence tools to enhance law business management, including through MADDI, the AI powered virtual ،ociate it introduced last June. 

My guest today is the person leading the company through all this, president and CEO Chris Cartrett. A 10-year veteran of the company, he was named president in 2021 and took over as CEO on Jan. 3, 2022. Now, just over two years into the job, and just ahead of Aderant’s conference this week, he sat down with me to discuss the news coming out this week and for a broader conversation about the company and the legal industry. 

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