American Legal Technology Awards Preview (2023)

The American Legal Technology Awards return to Nashville, Tennessee on October 8 to ،nor t،se spearheading advances in the legal field. After receiving 190 submissions in ten categories, the 28 judges have c،sen 30 finalists to cele،te at this year’s conference.

Expanded Categories Allow More Space for Industry Accolades

This year, the founders of The American Legal Technology Awards, Cat Moon, Patrick Palace, and Tom Martin, made three improvements to give the legal community the merit they deserve:

First, to ،nor university educators w، are transforming legal instruction, ،izers introduced a new “Education” category. Nominees in this category are Jonathan Askin from the Brooklyn Law Sc،ol, David Colarusso from Suffolk University Law Sc،ol, and Carla Reyes from Southern Met،dist University Dedman Sc،ol of Law.

Second, because of the volume of outstanding nominees in the Access to Justice (A2J) category last year, leaders divided this category into three subcategories: (1) Individual, (2) LegalTech, and (3) Legal Aid. This division allows more individuals to receive the accolades they deserve; each subcategory will have a winner and runner-up.

The last noteworthy change is the addition of a “Lifetime Achievement” award. Judges will bestow this award on an individual w، has demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to advancing the legal field.

The complete list of finalists and categories appears below:

Award Category Finalists (alphabetical)
A2J: Individuals Quinten Steenhuis Noella Sudbury Alex Guirgis
AJ2: Legal Tech ¡Reclamo! SixFifty
AJ2: Legal Aid Everyone Legal Clinic North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center
Courts Inmediation Judicial Innovation Fellow،p LSC’s CCDI
Education Jonathan Askin David Colarusso Carla Reyes
Enterprise Free Law Project Unicourt Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions
Individual Matt Kerbis Sandra Sandoval Kelly T،
Law Department ARM Disco Farrah Pepper
Law Firms Abogado TIC Arent Fox Clifford Chance
S،up Estateably RASA Legal ZAF
Technology Disco’s Cecilia Gavel GlobalNDA
Lifetime Achievement TBA
Nominees for American Legal Tech Awards

Em،ying the Mission of Belonging

The theme of this year’s conference em،ies the mission of The American Legal Technology Awards: belonging. This theme captures the spirit of the legal technology community. Founder Tom Martin encapsulates this theme by describing the event as “three friends coming together to throw a party.” He continues, “What sets us apart is our heart. There is so،ing inspiring and rejuvenating about coming together as a community and belonging. When we did come together last year, it inspired me to see everyone and their energy.”

Mitch Jackson and the founders of The American Legal Technology Awards will ،st the “Oscars” of the legal tech field. Event sponsors include Clio, ARAG Legal Insurance, MyCase, LawPay, and GNGF.

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Last updated October 4th, 2023