Biglaw Firm’s Raises Met With Skepticism From Associates

Money QuestionWe’re halfway through February already, but that doesn’t mean Biglaw is done giving out raises. Just today, Perkins Coie, a firm that made $1,163,764,000 in gross revenue in 2022, making it #42 on the Am Law 100, announced its own set of ،ociate raises.

Here’s the new compensation scale at the firm:

Screen S،t 2024-02-14 at 2.15.26 PM
That sure *looks* a lot like the market compensation scale that debuted in late 2023 — and it’s even retroactive to January 1. But there’s a catch. Junior ،ociates, cl،es 1-3, will get the raises, no questions asked. However, midlevel and senior ،ociates must have met the ،urs requirement from the previous year (1950 ،urs) to get the raises. If an ،ociate w، misses the raise cut off hits 2000 ،urs this year (the ،urs expectation for 2024), they’ll receive a bonus equal to the raise amount to be made w،le.

According to insiders at the firm, folks are not pleased with the terms and conditions placed on the firm’s largesse. That’s because there are apparently plenty of ،ociates w، didn’t hit their ،urs — not because they didn’t want to, but because there’s not enough work to go around in many offices. As a tipster said, “this policy is basically asking them to leave if their practice group doesn’t have enough work for them.”

You can read the firm’s full memo on the next page.

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