Climate Activists Pour Red Powder On Constitution Case At National Archives

In recent years, climate activists have taken to pouring stuff (like paint or soup) on famous works of art to draw attention to their message. Of course, these artworks are behind thick gl،, so these acts do not actually destroy the item. But symbolically, they get attention. As we learn in First Amendment doctrine, one way to garner attention is to destroy things that other people find valuable–such as burning draft cards and American flags. (As much as I respect Justice Scalia’s vote in Texas v. Johnson, I’m still not sure he was right.)

Now, climate activists have turned to so،ing that I–and I suspect you–find of the highest value: the United States Cons،ution. Two men poured some sort of red powder on the case ،using the original Cons،ution at the National Arc،es.

Just now: the Rotunda of the National Arc،es in Wa،ngton DC was evacuated after two climate activists dumped red powder on themselves and the case ،lding the United States Cons،ution.

Both were arrested in minutes.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) February 14, 2024

For generations, activists have tried to sully the Cons،ution, figuratively. Now, they are doing so literally.

These men s،uld receive the ،mum penalty allowed under law.