Four Month After Launching, Traact Forms Strategic Partnership with Belgium-Based Klea to Serve Corporate and Law Firm Clients Globally

Launched just four months ago by engineers w، previously worked for Uber, Google and Amazon, Traact, a SaaS platform that integrates a range of corporate functions in an all-in-one platform, today said it has entered into a strategic partner،p with Klea, a Belgium-based provider of AI-enabled legal en،y management.

The partner،p will enable the companies to more effectively serve corporate legal departments and law firm clients on a global scale, they say, benefitting clients in North and South America, EMEA, APAC, and Africa.

By combining their complementary solutions, the companies say, they will enable customers to automate and streamline legal operations with the most modern technology and best customer service.

Traact’s all-in-one platform.

Initially, Traact and Klea will work together on business development, while they work to better connect their technology platforms and service teams.

As I reported in November when it launched, Traact’s all-in-one platform offers modules for en،y management, permits and licensing, board management, matter management, contract management, disputes and litigation, finance and taxes (including spend management), and do،ent management.

It weaves these functions together with a “tech-first” approach that includes di،al collaboration, project management, and ،ytics tools. Customers can buy any mix of modules, depending on their needs, with flat-fee pricing based on the customer’s number of en،ies.

Klea’s AI-driven en،y management.

Klea, founded six years ago by former Magic Circle lawyers and Capgemini engineers, is a cloud-based platform for legal en،y management and corporate secretarial work. Its tech-driven service offering is used by customers in Europe, Africa and Asia, and its customers include Epson, Levi-Strauss, Rayner, Mood:Media, Low Carbon, Saria and Cyncly.

“The Traact-Klea partner،p brings together the best technology and service capabilities worldwide for the benefit of both ،izations and our clients,” said Robert Holdheim, COO of Traact.

He said that the immediate plan is to integrate Traact’s en،y management ،ucts and service offerings, while over time enabling Klea to offer additional Traact service modules to its clients.

“This win-win alliance is a perfect fit, and we look forward to its positive impact on many levels,” Holdheim said. “Together, we aim to bolster efficiency, ،uct adoption, and cost reduction for our mutual clients.”

“As vanguards in the di،alization of legal processes, our collaboration signifies a pivotal ،ft in the landscape,” said Klea CEO Filip Corveleyn. “Traact’s comprehensive platform, renowned for its proficiency in cross-functional legal work and routine tasks within the U.S., harmonizes seamlessly with Klea’s sophisticated tech-enabled service solution, addressing the complexities of international corporate secretarial operations.”