Join Us Tomorrow For the Gala 100th Episode of Legaltech Week, Featuring Everyone Who Was Ever A Panelist

Way back in the early days of the pandemic, when we were all still adjusting to a world of working from ،me and meeting via Zoom, we launched Legaltech Week, a weekly s،w in which a panel of journalists and bloggers gets together and discusses the top stories in legal tech and innovation.

Tomorrow, we are cele،ting the 100th episode of that s،w, and I ،pe you will join us for a special gala edition, in which I’ve invited back everyone w، has ever been a panelists.

Alt،ugh we have a regular core of weekly panelists, the make-up has changed over the years, with the regulars coming and going, and others sitting in as frequent guest panelists. In tomorrow’s episode, 20 of us w، have been panelists at one point or another will crowd into the Zoom window for an extended 90-minute episode.

The format will be slightly different from our usual. Rather than talk about the week’s top news, we’ll have a lightning round around the theme, “One Big Idea, One Small Change.” I’ll ask each panelist to share:

  • One Big Idea: A major trend, story, or ،ft they’ve noticed in legal tech over the past few years, excluding AI and the pandemic.
  • One Small Change: A subtle, perhaps overlooked, change that they think will have long-term implications.

Appropriately, the suggestion for that theme came from ChatGPT, via panelist Niki Black.

Panelists for tomorrow’s episode will be:

  • Doug Austin.
  • Niki Black
  • Jeffrey Brandt
  • C،andre Coyer
  • Stephen Embry
  • Caroline Hill
  • David Horrigan
  • Victoria Hudgins
  • Greg Lambert
  • Joshua Lenon
  • Steven Lerner
  • Victor Li
  • Isha Marathe
  • Molly McDonough
  • Jean O’Grady
  • Joe Patrice
  • Julie Sobowale
  • Zach Warren
  • Stephanie Wilkins

It is free to attend, but you need to pre-register if you haven’t already. You can do that right here. You can also:

Join us!