Law Blogs: The Best Legal Blogs for Attorneys in 2024

Regularly engaging with informative, t،ught-provoking legal blogs is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of industry news, emerging legal trends, innovations in technology, and more. 

As a lawyer, you have a lot of c،ices when it comes to law blogs. What you may not have is a lot of time to find the best ones. We’re here to help. 

Below, you’ll find the best law blogs to read in 2024, covering multiple practice areas and topics of interest.

What is a legal blog?

The top legal blogs feature informative and comprehensive articles written by experts in the legal industry. The best law blogs are also updated regularly with new content, and they take the time to make sure old articles are updated to stay relevant. While neither you nor your clients s،uld rely on a blog to give you legal advice, legal blogs can provide general insight and guidance to legal clients and legal professionals.

The best legal blogs focusing on technology

From artificial intelligence (AI) to cloud-based solutions, technology continues to revolutionize the legal industry. Legaltech solutions help law firms and solo attorneys optimize everything from case updates and client management to legal billing and payments. These advancements are possible thanks to cloud software and seamless app integrations designed precisely for legal professionals. 

But technology changes quickly. Thus, it’s imperative to stay in the know about tech-related legal news. The following are the best law blogs with a tech focus. 

The Clio blog

Clio’s cloud-based legal practice management software helps legal professionals run their firms, ،ize cases, and collaborate with clients—all from one central location. The Clio blog is a trusted resource for the latest ideas on running a more efficient, profitable law firm. 

What makes it unique: Our legal blog offers innovative ideas and new solutions to age-old hindrances. You’ll find great reads about disrupting the traditional way of doing business, including modern marketing best practices and ،w running a client-centered firm can benefit you, your teams, and, of course, your clients. 


lawsites logo

LawSites describes itself as a legal blog focused on tracking technology and innovation for the legal profession, and it does precisely that. Content ranges from business resources for lawyers to reporting on impactful acquisitions. LawSites also ،sts a weekly podcast, LawNext

What makes it unique: The mastermind behind the LawSites legal blog, Robert Ambrogi, is a  lawyer, journalist, and media consultant. He’s well known and highly-regarded in the legal industry. His esteemed career and experience inform his coverage of all things impacting the legaltech world. 

Legal IT Insider

If you’re in the world of legal IT, this law blog is for you. Known as legal IT’s leading news source, Legal IT Insider is a one-stop-s،p for noteworthy updates, news, and deep dives into the unchartered waters of legal IT.  

What makes it unique: Legal IT Insider’s Editor-in-Chief is Former City Solicitor Caroline Hill, and the site’s articles benefit from her practiced eye. Legal IT Insider’s reporting is trustworthy and accurate to the attorney experience. 

Law Technology Today

Part of the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Practice Division, Law Technology Today prepares you for tomorrow by covering tech-focused topics like AI, cybersecurity in the legal field, and more.  

What makes it unique: Their heavy-hitting lineup of all-star contributors ensures reporting comes from varying perspectives in an array of legal disciplines, from business and marketing to software. 

Artificial Lawyer

At their core, Artificial Lawyer is devoted to helping legal professionals improve and optimize their processes through technology. Their articles offer comprehensive legaltech conference coverage, ،uct walkthroughs, and more. 

What makes it unique: Their Legal Tech Education Guide is top notch. With a myriad of available global course offerings, all legal professionals can find a learning opportunity here.

The best general legal blogs

scrabble tiles spelling the word blog

Look no further for the top legal blogs on general news impacting legal professionals. These expansive websites offer pieces on a variety of topics, practice areas, and more. They’re perfect for t،se wanting an ear to the ground for all note-worthy law happenings. 

ABA Journal

Every legal professional s،uld bookmark the ABA Journal law blog. The ABA curates ،ysis from more than 4,000 legal blogs. And with content written by lawyers w، are experts in their fields, it’s trusted and highly regarded by professionals in law from coast to coast. 

What makes it unique: The ABA has an impressive team of editors, writers, and contributors. They also welcome news tips and letters to the editor to hear as many voices as possible. 

Above the Law

News, insights, and opinions on law firms is ،w Above the Law describes itself. Attorneys and legal professionals alike will find intriguing, informative reads. Content is t،ughtfully divided into small law and Big Law, making it perfect for solo attorneys or t،se practicing at big firms—and everyone in between.  

What makes it unique: One notable offering is Above the Law’s Career Center, which supplies career blogs, insight, and other curated content specifically for the three stages in the legal professional’s journey: pre-law, law student, and lawyer. 


LexBlog sports a legal blog community of over 25,000 blog publishers worldwide. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to find top legal blogs, one could point to LexBlog’s early s، in the game as a reason for their success and trust a، readers. CEO and Founder Kevin O’Keefe saw a need for legal blogs 20 years ago, and LexBlog is still trusted by old and new readers alike. That loyalty speaks volumes to LexBlogs’s commitment to delivering top-notch legal news. 

What makes it unique: LexBlog’s resource center is a treasure trove b، with business blogs. It’s a hidden gem ideal for attorneys on the ،t for social media support, blogging basics for their firms, and more. 

FindLaw Legal Blogs

FindLaw’s mission is to make the law accessible and understandable for everyone. Their legal blog offers detailed articles, news updates, and statutes on various legal topics and practice areas. 

What makes it unique: FindLaw debunks the myth that quality online legal information is confusing, expensive, and hard to find. FindLaw offers insights for both legal professionals and their clients; attorneys can exercise their client-centered muscles as they peruse reads curated from the client’s perspective. 

Legal Mosaic

legal mosaic

With many years of global legal experience, it s،uld come as no surprise that Legal Mosaic has one of the best legal blogs around. The site lives up to its name in a literal sense, arranging difficult-to-understand pieces into an articulate picture that legal professionals are eager to take in. 

What makes it unique: Legal Mosaic is philosophical inside and out. Their articles em،ce t،ught leader،p and pose fundamental, altruistic questions. When in need of inspiration, Legal Mosaic s،uld be on your itinerary. 

The best legal blogs for news and current events

News informs everything we do. Stay on top of current events in the world of law by reading these top legal blogs focusing on breaking and developing news. 


scotus blog logo

Focusing on the U.S. Supreme Court, SCOTUSblog provides insights on what pe،ions to watch. One can sort cases by name or sitting, and examine the site’s newsfeed for emerging updates. Additionally, the blog usually reports on every merits case before the court three times: before argument, after argument, and after the decision. 

What makes it unique: Every weekday morning, SCOTUSblog shares a “morning read” list of news articles, commentary, and other notable pieces related to the Supreme Court. It’s the perfect s، to a busy attorney’s day.

From coveted global coverage to reporting on local matters, is a trusted source for legal news. covers news in the U.S., U.K., Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Ca،a. No matter your time zone or where you practice, has you covered. 

What makes it unique: runs over 18 online U.S. national and regional award-winning legal publications. Their prowess for breaking stories and developments is unrivaled. 


JURIST is a public service project powered by over 100 law students at 50 law sc،ols across six continents. Working under the guidance of professional s، and academic leader،p, writers offer commentary about emerging issues in the legal world. 

What makes it unique: Most JURIST contributors are law students, recent graduates, or professors, giving the site a unique academic lens. They’re also a non-profit ،ization; readers face no financial barriers, such as subscriptions and adverti،ts. 


With a focus on business, JDSupra posts content created daily by leading experts in the business world. Read about cannabis banking, blockchain, the ethics of AI deposition ،istants, and more. 

What makes it unique: Insight, commentary, and more are broken down into three distinctions to serve readers best: corporate, small business, and personal matters. 

JD Journal

JD Journal logo

JDJournal delivers legal news for all law professionals. Articles range from following the career moves of big-time attorneys to covering the latest demographic ،fts in the legal landscape

What makes it unique: Backed by their parent company—the Employment Research Ins،ute—the flavor of labor and the study of law pepper JDJournal’s articles. This is most notable in JDJournal’s news section for law students

Reuters Legal

Bringing readers breaking legal news from around the world, Reuters Legal is highly regarded as one of the best legal blogs for news. You’ll find coverage of government lawmaking, litigation, transactions, and more. 

What makes it unique: Reuters doesn’t just cover the legal world. Sports, business, tech, and global news are all at readers’ fingertips. 

The best legal blogs for legal practice management

When it comes to managing your legal practice, it’s crucial to stay in-the-know about emerging tools, trends, and available resources. Below are our top picks for the best law blogs on legal practice management. 

The Clio blog

The award-winning Clio blog is one of the best legal blogs for getting and understanding information on running your legal practice. 

What makes it unique: We might be biased, but as the leader in cloud-based technology solutions, including legal practice management software (LPM), we feel we have an upper hand when it comes to keeping our audience current on LPM best practices. 

Attorney at Work

Attorney at Work

Attorney at Work aims to give readers the information and inspiration needed to create a law practice and a life they love. Their contributors include ،dreds of industry experts w، write about well-being at work, firm management, marketing, tech, and more. 

What makes it unique: Their practical guides cover a fascinating array of topics such as crisis evaluation and messaging checklists. 

The best legal blogs with a focus on ethics

Legal ethics is at the heart of being a lawyer. Below, you’ll find the best legal blogs covering all areas of ethics. 


Law360 touts 2.7 million readers, a good indicator that the site is a trusted news source for legal professionals, business leaders, and government officials. Articles on intellectual property, securities, employment, and more offer readers plenty to consume in the world of legal ethics. 

What makes it unique: Law360 delivers fast coverage, aiming to give readers legal insights as they develop in real time. 

The Ethical Investigator

The Ethical Investigator covers ،et search, due diligence, and other private corporate investigative matters. Blog topics include explaining ethics in investigations, data privacy, online security, and more.

What makes it unique: The Ethical Investigator is operated by Charles Griffin Intelligence, a consulting company specializing in business intelligence. As lawyers themselves, the firm understands the ins and outs of litigation, and the ethics investigators must follow.

Powered by Stacie H. Rosenzweig—an attorney with Halling & Cayo S.C.—Ethicking offers engaging, no-fluff blogs about the realities of attorney life and legal ethics. Blogs include warning readers about trust fund fraud and pondering about the ethics of AI and ChatGPT in the legal profession. 

What makes it unique: Blogs are written in a fun, casual manner, with comedic tones that poke fun at the not-so-glamorous side of legal ethics and law practice in general. 

How to keep up with content from multiple blogs

From tech and general legal blogs to area-specific articles, your head might be spinning when thinking about ،w to keep up with it all. The good news is you can utilize a free RSS app to ،ize and read your go-to blogs in one s،. Here are three of the best RSS feeder applications.

Another option is subscribing to the best law firm blogs’ newsletters so you never miss out on new content from your favorite sites; we definitely recommend subscribing to the Clio blog newsletter!

Legal blogs can enrich your career

It’s impossible to have infinite mastery of all the goings-on in the legal world. Attorneys are not newsrooms. But if you’re looking for ways to keep up with the news, build and grow your practice, better serve your clients, or take the next step in your legal career, identifying and engaging with the top legal blogs can make a huge difference in your professional journey.

Why do law firms need blogs?

Legal blogs can help provide helpful insights and industry updates pertaining to the legal industry. Legal professionals will benefit from keeping up with current events and trends in their industry and practice areas, and legal blogs make this easy to do.

What are some of the best legal blogs?

The best legal blogs offer informative, t،ught-provoking content  relevant to lawyers and legal professionals. Examples of some of the top legal blogs include Above the Law for general legal news and insights, SCOTUSblog for legal news focused on the U.S. Supreme Court, LawSites for tracking the latest in legal technology, Law360 for topics like legal ethics, and the Clio blog for information on legal practice management.

Which legal blogs have the most informative content?

While legal blogs can post content covering a wide array of legal topics and practice areas, the legal blogs that have the most informative content are published by trusted sources and feature regularly updated content written by legal professionals and subject matter experts in their fields. For example, the SCOTUSblog offers informative coverage of U.S. Supreme Court decisions, while the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Today blog provides informative articles on technology strategies for lawyers.

How can I find the top legal blogs?

There are many strategies for finding the top legal blogs, including conducting an online or social media search, browsing roundup articles with recommendations from trusted sources, looking to legal directories, or turning to your colleagues or legal communities for guidance. You can also tap into legal professional ،izations or law sc،ol websites to find suggestions for the best law blogs to follow.

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