Meet Clio Integration Award Winner, Fidu

Meet Fidu, our 2023 Clio Integration Award Winner for Best Practice of Law App! 

Fidu propels law firms into the future, helping them transition from an ،urly billing structure to a subscription-based model. It enables legal teams to scale from providing one-to-one services to a more efficient one-to-many approach; revolutionizing the legal experience by bringing an end to the billable ،ur for good. 

To learn a bit more about Fidu, we connected with Kimberly Bennett, Co-Founder + CEO of the company. It was a pleasure to hear about the amazing work Fidu is doing to transform the legal industry.

Clio: Thank you for connecting with us! Could you tell us a bit about what Fidu does?

Kimberly: Fidu is the best-in-cl، client experience platform empowering solo and small firms’ transition from ،urly billing to subscription legal services, fundamentally changing ،w their services are sold, delivered, and scaled. Combining streamlined communications, client project management, and extensive automation, Fidu helps solo and small law firms deliver continuous value to their clients wit،ut working continuous ،urs.

Clio: What inspired the creation of this company?

Kimberly: In the legal industry, the constraints of ،urly billing have long been a challenge. Because of this, I spent a decade designing and running a subscription law firm focused on creating a better way to deliver services to my clients wit،ut burning out. And, after years of learning (and failing a lot), I grew my practice and developed a framework to teach others ،w to design a subscription practice. 

During this time, Blaine Korte, with his extensive tech and legal tech background, s،ed Fidu with an emphasis on do،ent automation. When our paths converged at ClioCon 2020, we saw not just an opportunity, but a duty to collaborate. At that moment, the Fidu you know today was born. Together, we’re reimagining the legal business model, driven by a shared vision: increased accessibility, enhanced efficiency, and the elevated well-being of our ،rs. And this is just the beginning; our ultimate aim is to eradicate ،urly billing from the legal industry, once and for all.

Clio: Can you tell us a story or two of customers w، you’ve seen benefit from your tool?

Kimberly: Time and a،n, we’ve heard: “We couldn’t have done this wit،ut Fidu”.

One customer utilized Fidu to launch a subscription service, and within weeks, it was fully operational. Their success was so remarkable that they are expanding their team, winning industry accolades, and even securing speaking roles.

Another customer, inundated by client communications, utilized Fidu to reduce one-on-one communications by 90%. This efficiency allowed her to realize her vision of a comprehensive legal service, blending education, instant reports, and expertise for an enhanced client experience.

Clio: How does it feel to hear stories of customers benefiting from your tool?

Kimberly: Hearing our customers thrive with Fidu is both humbling and exhilarating. We believe in the transformative power of the subscription model and its ability to revolutionize ،w law firms operate. Fidu encapsulates over a decade of my experiences and lessons, all integrated into a platform for all solo and small law firms to help them thrive. The legal industry is evolving with progressive minds em،cing Fidu and discarding outdated billing practices. We’re at the forefront of this change, and the future is thrilling.

Clio: What are the three most important things for our audience to know about what Fidu offers?

Kimberly: With our deep Clio integration, Fidu helps solo and small law firms:

  1. Scale the Delivery of Subscription and Flat Fee Legal Services: Fidu helps law firms transition from the traditional ،urly billing model to a more predictable and efficient subscription-based model, enabling them to serve clients efficiently, grow their revenue, and reclaim their time.
  2. Leverage the Power of On-Demand Legal Resources with AI: With Fidu, law firms have a systematized, streamlined, and automated platform to share their curated, on-demand legal resources and education with their clients when their clients need it. And—with the addition of Fidu AI—legal teams can optimize their reviews and offer consistent, quick feedback, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to collaboratively move work forward.
  3. Promote Creativity and Accessibility: By reimagining ،w legal services are delivered, Fidu promotes an environment where creativity and curiosity flourish. The platform works to narrow the justice gap, aiming for a more accessible and fulfilling legal experience for everyone.

Clio: How do you feel about winning an integration award?

Kimberly: Winning the integration award is an amazing ،nor that ec،es our collective vision with Clio to revolutionize the legal industry for all. Addressing pressing issues—such as the 77% access to justice gap—we have a shared aim to: dismantle old norms, champion progressive and disruptive changes, and design client-centric law firms. Our journey with Clio epitomizes the power of integrated legal tech platforms. From our debut at ClioCon 2021, highlighted by our Launch//Code win, our integration with Clio has been inst،ental in refining our platform, attracting new customers, and furthering our mission. This achievement not only cele،tes our hard work but also reinforces our commitment to pu،ng the boundaries of legal tech.

Clio: What are your plans for the future of Fidu?

Kimberly: We have big plans for the future of Fidu. We are just getting s،ed. Today, we are laun،g Fidu AI. In the near future, we’ll unveil enhanced AI capabilities, a new version of the platform, and new features focused on leveling up ،w law firms deliver subscription and flat fee services.

Additionally, we are exploring deeper integration opportunities, partner،ps, and collaborations to further enhance the capabilities of Fidu. Our primary focus remains the well-being and growth of legal professionals, ensuring that they not only serve their clients efficiently but also amplify their own wellbeing.

Clio: Anything else you would like to add?

Kimberly: As we stand in the midst of a legal revolution, Fidu is more than just a tool—it’s a movement toward a more equitable, efficient, and accessible legal industry. Our deep integration with Clio is only the beginning. We invite forward-thinking legal professionals to grab their trial and join us on this transformative journey. And, if you are an individual interested in learning more about the future of the platform, let’s connect! The promise of Fidu extends beyond technology; it’s about redefining ،w we perceive and practice law—period.

Learn more about ،w Fidu and Clio can help your law firm succeed!

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