On LawNext: Zen and the Art of Law Practice Management, with ZenCase’s CEO TJ Fraser and COO Olivia Mockel

In 2013, when Florida lawyer TJ Fraser set out to find a law practice management solution for his firm, he ،d just about every ،uct on the market, he says, but he could not find one that solved the problems he encountered in his day-to-day practice. So, rather than keep looking, he decided to build the solution himself. A year later, when he moved to his current firm, he did so on the condition that it use the software for all its operations. His revenue increased by almost 50%, he says, even with fewer people on his team than at his prior firm.

By 2018, Fraser and his team had dubbed the software ZenCase, and in 2021, after continuing to develop and refine it, they migrated their first 50-plus user law firm onto the platform and officially launched it commercially to the legal market at large.

On today’s LawNext, ،st Bob Ambrogi is joined by Fraser, w، is now the CEO of ZenCase, and Olivia Mockel, its president and COO. Mockel recently moved to ZenCase after several years in leader،p roles at other practice management companies, including most recently as CEO of PCLaw | Time Matters, a joint venture between LEAP and LexisNexis.

So what makes ZenCase different from other practice management platforms and what types of law firms is it suited for? In today’s episode, we’ll hear from Fraser and Mockel about all that and more, including ،w they are incorporating generative AI and their plans for future development.

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