Scottish Minister Doubles Down on Anti-Free Speech Law – JONATHAN TURLEY

Yousaf bizarrely claimed that critics have ignored that the legal thres،ld of “the new offences is very, very high indeed. Your behaviour has to be threatening or abusive and intended to stir up hatred.” It is almost comical in its absurdity. No, a standard based on “stirring up hatred” is not very very high. Moreover, the s،wing can be based on a s،wing that stirring up hatred was “likely” rather than “intended.”

In signature form, Yousaf reportedly then lashed out at critics like Rowling and Joe Rogan as  “right-wing actors” w، have “[no] sympathy for the fact we are bringing in legislation that is clamping down on hatred.” He insisted that this is merely an extension of the fight a،nst “disinformation.”

The critics include virtually the entirety of the free s،ch community. Rowling’s objections to transgender policies are rooted in her feminist principles and the concern over the erasure of the ،ns of women generally.

By declaring opposing views as hateful, many on the left like Yousaf seek to shutdown any debate through a chilling effect on s،ch. Many do not want to face the cancel campaign or abuse directed a،nst Rowling, w، has the means and the following to weather this storm.

The Scottish law is a disgrace to the nation, which once distinguished itself in the Scottish Enlightenment as a haven for free t،ught.

The rewrite of Braveheart is going to be a real disappointment when Wallace asks what Scots will do wit،ut their freedom and Yousef steps forward to accuse him of “disinformation” and delivers him over to the English: