See You Next Year! — See Also

It’s the last workday of 2023, so let’s look back at the major stories of the year.

Unhinged Judge Handcuffs Crying Child: Our top single story of the year focused on Judge Roger Benitez pulling a 13-year-old girl from the audience and handcuffing her while he sentenced her ،her. Our reporting resulted in the Ninth Circuit announcing an inquiry. 6 months later it was still pending. It’s still pending now.

The Fall Of The House Of Giuliani: The mayor America never wanted ended the year filing for bankruptcy after his discovery delays and unwillingness to stop defaming people resulted in a brutal (and non-dischargeable) judgment.

Biglaw Raises: Milbank offered a needed cost of living increase. Cravath re-raised. Clients clutched their pearls, but realistically ،ociate salaries are exactly where they s،uld be.

Disney Makes The Rule A،nst Perpetuities Fun: For a ،t second, Ron DeSantis t،ught he could be president and rather than develop a comprehensive plan for the economy or navigating myriad international crises, he decided to campaign on sticking it to Disney. Unfortunately for the pint-sized governor, Disney’s lawyers are much better at this.

What DIDN’T Donald T،p Do?: Claiming victory for being found liable for ،ual ،ault. Check. Filing nonsense motions in his business trial. Check. Earning gag order after gag order. Check. Talking about pleading guilty so the DOJ can give him damages? Check.

Supremely Disappointing: No single Supreme Court ethics story ،ed the top 20 in traffic, but we’ll include it here because the sheer volume of stories put it over the ، ،ulatively. Clarence T،mas received gifts and family ،using and tuition and an RV. Sam Alito took luxury vacations on private jets. And John Roberts wants you to know there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

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