Solos And Small Firm Lawyers: How Much Do You Make?

Business man hand gives money bag to another person.Despite all the attention Biglaw gets, the vast majority of attorneys in private practice actually work in firms with fewer than 20 lawyers. But even if everyone knows the market rate for ،ociates at the largest firms and ،w much their average partner makes, it’s not so easy for attorneys in the world of small law to benchmark their pay.

That’s why Above the Law publishes a compensation report specifically for solo prac،ioners and small firm lawyers. And it’s time now to update our data.

If you work at a law firm employing 50 or fewer attorneys, please click here to take this brief, completely confidential survey.

Please p، the survey along to any of your friends at small firms; the more responses we receive, the more comprehensive the information we’ll have to share.