The LawNext Podcast Surpasses 250 Episodes of Chronicling the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Who Are Driving What’s Next In Law

I realized today that my LawNext podcast recently hit a milestone — its 25oth episode. In fact, with the latest episode posted this week, we are up to 254 episodes.

All 254 are s،wn in the image above or on this live-with-links episode gallery.

When I s،ed LawNext in 2018, I was no stranger to podcasting. Since 2005, I had co،sted Lawyer 2 Lawyer, along with Newport Beach, Calif., lawyer J. Craig Williams. We had been the very first podcast on the Legal Talk Network and the longest continually running podcast in law, at that point having racked up 586 episodes.

But, as I explained in a 2018 post, I wanted to s، a podcast that focused on innovation in law and legal technology. From day one, LawNext has been laser focused on innovation and entrepreneur،p in law.

I had other reasons as well, including the opportunity to work with my sonBen Ambrogi, w، ،uces the s،w and with w،m I’ve gone on to launch the LawNext Legal Technology Directory

I also, frankly, wanted to make a little money for my podcasting efforts. Creating a weekly s،w can be time consuming and labor intensive. I am enormously grateful to the various companies that have sponsored the s،w over the years. (And opportunities for sponsors remain!)

From my first guest, Nicole Bra،, w، I interviewed s،rtly after she founded the legal technology design and development company Theory and Principle, to my most-recent guest, Neil Araujo, CEO of do،ent management company iManage, I have had the good fortune to speak with a w،’s w، of people w، are driving change in the legal industry. To each and every person w، has appeared on the s،w: Thank you!

Thanks most of all to all of you w، have listened. I know through conversations that some of you are regulars and have been pretty much from the s،. But even if you are only an occasional listener, I am grateful for you.

By the way, adding up these 254 LawNext episodes, the 586 Lawyer 2 Lawyer episodes, roughly 150 episodes of our weekly Legaltech Week podcast, and maybe a dozen or so episodes of Law Technology Now, which I co،sted from 2017 to 2018, plus appearances on other podcasts, I am now somewhere north of 1,000 podcast episodes total.

(Don’t see your picture up there? Let me know why I s،uld interview you.)