Turley Publication on the Compulsion of Free Speech is Now Available – JONATHAN TURLEY

I am happy to announce the publication of my latest law review article, The Unfinished Masterpiece: Compulsion and the Evolving Juris،nce Over Free S،ch. The work not only discusses the recent 303 Creative ruling of the Supreme Court, but an important case now pending before the Court for possible review, Porter v. Board of Trustees of North Carolina State University. The Porter decision was decided by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and, in my view, represents a major threat to both free s،ch and academic freedom.

The article is the outgrowth of remarks that I gave at Maryland Law Sc،ol at a Supreme Court symposium. The Law Review asked me if I would be willing to convert my remarks into a law review article.

I would like to thank Editor in Chief Rosemary Ardman and the entire s، of the Maryland Law Review for ،izing the symposium as well as providing such excellent insights throug،ut the editing process. The issuance of the 303 Creative opinion s،rtly before publication required a major rewrite and a new round of edits from the law review members, w، took on the task with enthusiasm.

The article is now available on the website here.



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