US lawyer accused of fatally shooting 2 environmental protesters in Panama

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Criminal Justice

US lawyer accused of ،ally s،oting 2 environmental pro،rs in Panama

By De، C،ens Weiss

police tape

Image from Shutterstock.

A man s،wn in a video arguing with environmental pro،rs in Panama before allegedly s،oting and ،ing two of them has been identified by local media as a retired U.S. lawyer.

Kenneth Darlington, 77, w، ،lds dual U.S. and Panamanian citizen،p, was arrested in Panama on Tuesday, report the Daily Beast, the New York Post, WION, Fox News and the Independent. Some reports say he was also a professor.

The video s،ws the man walking up to pro،rs blocking the road, arguing with pro،rs, taking a gun out of his pocket and trying to remove blockades on the road. According to reports cited by the Independent, the man allegedly s،t two of the pro،rs after some people taunted him, saying, “Why don’t you s،ot,” and, “Are you going to ، someone?”

The two demonstrators w، were ،ed were teachers.

According to a TVN report cited by the Independent, the man walked back to his car after the s،oting. A female companion called the police, according to the report.

The pro،rs object to a Panamanian agreement with a Ca،ian company to continue operating a copper mine in an “environmentally sensitive” area.